The Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy Handbook

Attract & Convert Ideal Customers With a Clear Inbound Marketing Strategy

If you're not getting any or enough leads, this handbook is for you. Lack of a clear and measurable strategy is the #1 reason why you're not getting leads. I know you randomly follow advice you find online, hoping and praying it will work. It doesn't, because hope is not a strategy.

It's time to take complete and total control over your inbound marketing. This handbook will show you how!

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This Step-by-Step Guide Will Help You:

  • Learn why inbound marketing doesn't work for you
  • Get a clear understanding of what a strategy is
  • Understand how to measure your success
  • Identify your ideal customers & buyer personas
  • Develop value proposition to rise above the noise
  • Identify keywords that drive qualified traffic
  • Develop content for your ideal customers
  • Map content to stages in buyer's journey
  • Tell stories with campaigns (I call them chapters)
  • Analyze your progress to make course corrections
Inbound Marketing Strategy
More importantly, you will learn (and follow my framework) how to put all these pieces together into a clear strategy. You will walk away with a document that is your minimum viable strategy.

What This Handbook Will Not Do:

  • It will not generate leads tomorrow for you
  • It will not teach you how to write and create content
  • It will not teach you how to build links
  • It will not show you how to use marketing tools
  • It will not teach you any quick schemes or magic bullets
  • It will not do work for you

Why Am I Writing This Book Then?

Viktor Nagornyy

There is a huge abundance of content on how to do different things - writing content, creating graphics, sending emails, using marketing tools, you name it. That's not your problem.

Your problem is you have access to all these LEGO pieces, but you do not have instructions manual to follow to put it together correctly and for your business. It gives you clarity and confidence to know where you're going and what you need to do.

Random Acts of Marketing vs Inbound Strategy

This strategy handbook will show you exactly how to leverage tactical activities (like writing a blog post) to your full advantage, being part of your overall journey to your success destination (goals).

It is a framework to put it all together to work for your business.

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Your Business Is My Business

I loved that Viktor pushed back when it made sense to do so. Not just following something for the sake of it, but doing what made sense for our business. It was like he had a personal stake in our company. Over the last 12 months that we have been working together, I view Viktor as a confidant, a trusted business partner, and someone who has our back.

Mark Bloom, MobileForce Software

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The Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy Handbook

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