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Viktor Nagornyy
Reframing Content - Viktor Nagornyy

Reframing Content: 10X Your Lead Magnet's Effectiveness

One of my consulting clients is working on an ebook to attract more qualified leads for the new platform they're launching. The ebook will educate and provide advice on specific business activities. It's already shaping up to be an effective…

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Don’t Interrupt, Join the Conversation in Your Customer’s Mind

Don't Interrupt, Join the Conversation in Your Customer's Mind

Your marketing is wasteful. I'm 99% sure. Majority of businesses engage in busy work, a charade that we use to make ourselves feel good about it. We do things that clearly don't drive any results, why? Because we ought to…

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Marketing Experience

What Marketing Do Your Customers Deserve?

Over the years, I've done a ton of consulting work. Advising and working with businesses of all sizes across all industries. Even today, I continue to do free strategy sessions every week with business owners. Giving them more clarity and…

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75% of Businesses Do Not Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy

75% of Businesses Do Not Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy

It did not surprise me when I saw final results of our poll. We ran a Hotjar poll on our website for the past few weeks, asking a simple question “Do you have an inbound marketing strategy you're following right…

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Marketing Automation Is Like a Pair of Shoes

What's The Best Marketing Automation Software For My Business?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could just name one marketing automation software as THE best marketing automation software for your business? I got this question asked in an email this week, so I thought this might be a good…

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Landing Pages, Hammer with Nails

DON'T: “Treat Every Page Like a Landing Page”

When I saw a tweet with the post “Every Page is a Landing Page,” I knew I'll have to put in my 2 cents. The post by Nicholas Scalice at EarnWorth is a good post about effective landing pages, but…

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Create actionable content

How To Create Actionable Content to Convert Your Ideal Customers

Not all content is created equal. If you're creating content yet it's not really working for you, either you're still not getting leads or sales not where they need to be, you might not be creating actionable content. You're simply being…

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