A quick introduction is in order.

Over the past five years I've worked with small businesses helping them turn their websites into a customer generating machines, while educating them about inbound marketing and marketing automation. I still do it at ProjectArmy for small service businesses.

Unlike many other consultants and agencies, I would get down and dirty with my clients' businesses - listening, learning and understanding their needs. As I listened, patterns began to emerge.

Everyone I talked to was always asking me why inbound marketing (online marketing) wasn't working for them, some were confused about marketing automation without a clue what they needed to automate, and then some were completely frustrated because they were overwhelmed with information and didn't know what to do.

That was the tip of the iceberg. That wasn't really the root causes, these were symptoms. As I tried to wrap my brain around it, it began to dawn on me that there were 3 fundamental problems almost all businesses had that caused these symptoms:

  • Not knowing their ideal customers thoroughly enough
  • Not knowing the true value they delivered (value proposition)
  • Not having a clear and measurable strategy to follow

Every single business, you included, engage in what I call "Random Acts of Marketing." You read a blog post, an ebook, watch a webinar, and go try it out - simply because they said it will work and you're strapped for cash because the phone is not ringing. So you "Hail Mary" it, right and left, hoping it will work. Hope is not a strategy.

That's why I began working on a framework, a model, borrowing visual concepts from the business model canvas to allow businesses create inbound marketing strategy following a system to put hope aside and get on a path to your success destination (goals).

The ebook is in the works, and I hope to publish it in August of 2015. I'll be sharing advice, tips, and notes on my blog and newsletter as I get closer to releasing it. If you haven't yet, check out my webinar where I also included a workbook to help you get started now.

With a clear inbound marketing strategy, you gain complete and total control over your lead generation and sales.

Hope is for playing lottery, not running a business. Put it aside and join me on Twitter, Google+, FacebookLinkedIn, and read my posts on Eventstant and the Thrive to Serve blog. Feel free to schedule a call with me.

Remember, clarity drives action.

Get clarity,

My current online avatar throughout social media.

My current online avatar throughout social media.

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Viktor Nagornyy

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