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Viktor Nagornyy

8 HubSpot Alternatives for Marketing Automation

Hubspot is a well known marketing automation service, but there are alternatives to Hubspot that offer variety of features & even free one.

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7 Deadly Mistakes That Led to LogoGarden's SEO Demise

LogoGarden's SEO demise was a result of 7 deadly mistakes on management's part as well as their SEO firm's. Learn what not to do with here.

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Google SEO

A Message to Those Who Hate Frequent Google Changes

Stop complaining about Google changes and begin generating valuable content instead. Quality will prevail anywhere and everywhere.

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One Deadly Lead Generation Myth Killing Your Business Right Now

You're wasting your time right now without generating any leads. Take 2 minutes to learn how to stop wasting money and generate more leads.

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WordPress: A FREE Alternative to Hubspot [GUIDE]

WordPress is not only for blogging, it can be extended to offer effective alternative to Hubspot to capture & nurture leads. Quiz included.

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Free Kodak building photos for bloggers and publishers

Free photos of Kodak building for bloggers and publishers licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license. Use it freely and enjoy.

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Retail Paris

Retail Manifesto

Retail stores that are failing lack personality, and to succeed you need to have 5 personality elements that make up a winning strategy.

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