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Viktor Nagornyy

How to add an image caption in Hubspot

There is no easy way of adding captions to images in Hubspot. The blogging platform that Hubspot offers is very, very basic targeting novices as well as those folks who don't need all the bells and  whistles. But, for those…

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HP, stop using 10% of your business potential

HP uses only 10 percent of its potential. That's why products are failing and company is losing money. Hire artists, not engineers.

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Passion is not enough to be successful

Passion is not enough to be successful. It is only one ingredient in the recipe. Sometimes you have to let your passion go to succeed.

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You are killing your dreams and ideas one thought at a time

Don't let the naysayer inside you kill your dreams and ideas. Find a way to fight it back and see those dreams and ideas flourish.

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4 Tips to razor-sharp marketing objectives

A good and effective marketing objective is realistic, measurable, has set time limit, and uses a reference point (benchmark).

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When will Facebook die?

Facebook's growth keeps adding more mass, there will be a point in time when Facebook will reach the climax.

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What does it REALLY take to be successful?

Do you really know what it takes to be successful? Determination, patience, education are all good. But they don't tell you what success is.

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