Well, it's September 1st. Few more days and school starts. It's been an interesting summer. I hoped for something better, but weather didn't really help me do what I wanted to do. On the other hand, seeing family was a good thing.

Few more days and I'll be back to being busy 24/7. Bought my textbooks today, should be here in Friday. I love Amazon Prime.

I finally renewed my membership to NPPA. My plan is to focus all my attention on photography and writing (journalism) this coming year. I've done a lot of side work (event planning and few other things), but I need to focus more on photography. That is my career, my life. So I will be reducing non-related work; most likely eliminating it completely. I need to put in 110%, there's no other way.

I got 2 great classes I'm looking forward to: Photojournalism 1 and Newswriting. The other 2 classes are Ethics of Photojournalists and History of Photography.

On another note, I've added few new images to my prints store and few on Flickr. Hope you enjoy those.

Walk on the Snow Reflections

Hundred Acre Pond

Lastly, I was in NYC last week due to some family issues. I found some time to actually stop by Bronx Zoo. I've got a lot of photographs to go through. One thing I realized is that I need a better telephoto lens. I got Zigma 70-300 f3.5. It's not a bad lens, but it's not fast enough in low lighting conditions. My shutter speed was lower than I would like even with higher ISO. Clearly I need to invest money (that I don't have right now) to be able to get photographs that I want.

I'm hoping to stop by my local Seneca Zoo this week. But this time I'll check out a nice fast Canon lens from my school, so I don't sacrifice anything and get shots that I want… in focus!

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